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Why the Holy Land is Important to the Christian Faith

When people talk about the Holy Land, they often mention the religious and historical importance of the region. They may also discuss the different struggles that have taken place in the region between Jewish, Muslim, and Christian groups. Why is the Holy Land so important? There are a number of reasons why, from geopolitical to economical and beyond. But why is the Holy Land important to the Christian faith? Let us tell you all about it.

The Holy Land Is Important Because It Ties Us to Our History

Have you ever looked into your lineage? Walking back through your family tree can be a fun experience where you’ll find out all kinds of information about the people who paved the way for you to be where you are today. Though most of our family histories spend a large amount of time in Europe, Asia, or Africa, we all eventually make our ways back to the Middle East and patriarchs like Abraham.

The Holy Land is an essential milestone not only in the development of mankind, but the Christian faith as well. When we read the Bible and visit the Holy Land, we better understand where we have come from. The community found in the Christian faith acknowledges that we do not exist in a vacuum. Each of us is part of a greater story being told by God, one that spends a significant portion of time in the land of Israel and its neighbors. This connection is to be celebrated and we give thanks for the ways in which God has worked to offer His people salvation and a spiritual home.

The Holy Land Backs Up Christian Beliefs

If the Christian religion based its history and beliefs around events that unfolded on a distant planet or a fictional country, what assurance would we feel that any of these occurrences really took place? As we read the Bible and pick up important terms, locations, and names, we build a lexicon that can be matched against the known record of history. The Roman Empire, the Babylonians, Solomon’s Temple, and the cities of the Early Church are just some of the people and places that show up in secular texts.

The documents, artifacts, and ruins that have been uncovered in the last two millennia give credence to the Biblical account and the Christian faith. When we talk about the attributes of God or what Jesus did for us on the cross, we know many of the details found in scripture take root in the historical record. Christians do not serve a God who exists solely in a realm outside of our sense of time and place. While He is eternal and greater than we could ever fully comprehend, His work has taken place at points we can pin to a map and at times we can access on an actual timeline. What a wonderful thing for the Holy Land to possess many of these belief-backing historical facts!

The Holy Land Gives Us Physical Reminders

Few places have the ability to strengthen our beliefs like the Holy Land. When you journey to see Bethlehem, Jerusalem, Capernaum, and so many other great locations from the Bible, you can’t help but feel like you have been pulled back into the story of God’s people.

Think back to your childhood when a special speaker would come to your school, bringing visual aides which would pull you into their lectures. Maybe it was arrowheads and Native American clothing that helped you understand the first settlers of the US or perhaps it was wild science experiments capable of instilling a thirst for knowledge in chemistry. The fact is we learn more productively when we have physical reminders to help us solidify what we know. For this purpose, the Holy Land is of immense importance to the Christian faith. You don’t have to envision the Sea of Galilee in your mind’s eye because we have countless pictures and you can even travel to the Middle East and see it for yourself.

The Holy Land is Important Because It Has Been Preserved

Since we value the physical reminders that bring an extra dose of reality to our beliefs, the Holy Land is so much more valuable because it has been preserved over the years. We cannot look at the massive walls of Jericho or see the Ten Commandments, but we can visit the birthplace of Jesus and learn more about the culture of the Jewish people with whom He daily walked.

For Americans, think how important it is that you can travel to Independence Hall in Philadelphia and see the room in which the Declaration of Independence and Constitution were crafted. Even better, the National Archives Museum in Washington, D.C. will let you look at the original documents for yourself. Because these pieces of history have been preserved, they hold value for us today. The same can be said of the Holy Land.

The Future of the Holy Land

Not only is this special region of the world important to the past of Christianity, it holds a vital role in the future that is to come. As we read the latter half of the New Testament of the Bible, especially the Book of Revelation, we see that God is not fully done with the Jewish people nor the land of Israel. While we may not fully understand what the future holds, we do know God will fulfill His work through the Holy Land. Tribulation, evangelism, destruction, and new creation are all part of what’s promised in the Book of Revelation.

Why the Holy Land is Important to the Christian Faith Today

As technology and the internet separate society into individuals constantly looking at smartphones and computer screens, we continue to lose our connection with the physical world. Part of what makes the Holy Land important to the Christian faith today is that intimate connection we can feel by walking the same roads Jesus traveled during his ministry. Feeling the waters of the Jordan River will do much more for your faith than reading about it on some blog post. This place is important because we don’t know how long each of these towns and artifacts will be here or if certain governments will continue to allow millions of tourists to visit them. While there are no signs of a vibrant tourism destination disappearing any time soon, who knows what the future will bring? That’s why we are so thankful for the Holy Land and its openness today.

If you would like to see the Holy Land for yourself, Premier Israel wants to help you make that happen. In addition to our exclusive trips with special guests like Hillsong and Louie Giglio, we are thrilled to partner with countless churches and Christian groups nationwide in the pursuit of facilitating new adventures in the region. Find out more about how you can take the trip of a lifetime with Premier Israel by clicking on the link below.


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