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Holy Land Tours: What are the Benefits of Traveling with a Company?

Thinking about visiting the Middle East? We can think of so many reasons for you to see the ancient lands written about in the Bible. From Egypt to Israel, you can find a multitude of historic sites to visit as well as a thriving modern-day culture with which you’ll love to engage. When looking to plan a trip to this area, you may be wondering about the benefits of Holy Land tours versus going on your own journey. What’s really the difference? Let us share with you some of the biggest reasons to consider Holy Land tours.

Safety in Holy Land Tours

One of the first questions asked by people who are in the early stages of planning a trip to the Middle East is “Will I be safe?” Given what we in the West see on television each night, it’s not an outrageous inquiry. The truth is that the area surrounding the Holy Land can occasionally be susceptible to a variety of violent crimes or attacks, but there are ways to work around such dangers. If we want to play devil’s advocate for a moment, we could remind would-be travelers that tourists headed to Chicago, Washington, D.C., and New York City could also face safety concerns if they happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. When traveling with Holy Land tours, your presence within a professional group can minimize any possible worries you may have. Although some of these groups may have armed security with them, the real value comes from organization’s knowledge of the area.

Knowledge of the Area

Partnering with local groups, many Holy Land tours are able to provide security and a thorough understanding of the region. We as individuals may not know which areas to avoid or where to find the best food and tourist hangouts, but Holy Land tours often do. Want to avoid cheap distractions and find the authentic experience? Holy Land tours are probably your best bet. You can hear from someone who has grown up in the region and understands local agriculture, shepherding, and/or countless other perspectives we may be lacking. Without such experienced guides, you may miss out on some of the best locations or get stuck taking the wrong route to the place you want to visit.

Biblical Expertise

Traveling to the Middle East isn’t always an easy process. Thanks to Premier Israel and other pioneering groups, though, the idea is becoming a much more realistic prospect than in years past. Our point is, why go through all the trouble to visit the Holy Land only to not understand the Biblical importance of each place you visit? Sure, every Christian probably knows the context of Jerusalem, the Red Sea, and Jericho, but there are so many facts and associations you would never connect on your own without holy land tours. When you combine the rich Biblical expertise of respected scholars with the local knowledge of most guides, you get an amazing Holy Land experience that dives deep into the history of your faith.

Simplicity of Being Guided

“Why do I need Holy Land tours when I can just come up with my own itinerary?” That’s a fair question. You could certainly book your own tickets, find a hotel, look for the best routes through the cities, find transportation, eat at the best restaurants, etc. all on your own, but doesn’t that sound exhausting? Even the most organized people among us would be wiped out by the end of the second day. By opting instead to be part of one of many Holy Land tours you are freeing yourself up to spend time basking in the rich beauty and history of the area. The Holy Land is not somewhere you want to burn yourself out by worrying over details. Enjoy the simplicity of being guided by Holy Land tours.

You Can Be Part of a Community

Something special happens in traveling groups when strangers come together. Instead of feeling like you’re alone in a foreign land, as part of a group you can explore the new and interesting terrain with a new family. This new community may feature people of different faiths, denominations, countries of origin or more depending on who you book with for your trip. Nevertheless, your new traveling family will bond over culture, Biblical sites, new customs, and more. Even for the introverts out there, this is a wonderful way to take in the Middle East.

Holy Land Tours Are Efficient

Have you ever tried to plan your own vacation overseas? Sometimes things work okay, but other trips will have you constantly running to catch up with trains, recovering from food poisoning, or second-guessing your choice of lodging. Holy Land tours are usually run by seasoned travel agencies who know the area as well as what it takes to accommodate a large group of people. Even in the Middle East, where customs vary widely from the Western world and the environment is vastly different, they can keep you moving from stop to stop without making you feel like you’re being hurried through a once-in-a-lifetime destination. Quality can be unique from company to company, but the best Holy Land tours are run so efficiently you’ll never want to do your own planning again.

Ability to Choose Routes and Companies

Free market competition can be a wonderful thing when you’re the consumer. All of the different businesses want to appeal to your interests with a range of services and customizations. Holy Land tours are the same way. Want to journey through the missionary travels of Paul? There are tours and cruises for you. Wish to retrace the final days of Jesus? You can do that too. Travel companies working in the Holy Land have come up with just about every way for travelers to experience the birthplace of Christianity. While you may not be able to fully design the exact trip you want, working with the right company will help you enjoy the ultimate journey, one that is fun, safe, and enriching.

We hope these seven benefits of Holy Land tours are enough to help you understand Middle East travel and the different ways in which you can see places like Israel. As you consider planning your next vacation, we hope you think about visiting the Holy Land so that you can experience it for yourself.

Premier Israel wants to help you see the Biblical lands described in both the old and new testaments of scripture. Our guided Holy Land tours feature celebrated theologians and world-renowned worship leaders who can help you discover the power of faith in the ancient world. Click on the link below to find out how you can witness the beauty of the Middle East today.


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