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What We Learn When We Go to the Holy Land

Millions of people travel to the Holy Land each year. Arriving from countless countries across the world, they encounter an incredible land of history, faith, and culture waiting for them in this wonderful place. On top of the fun times and religious inspiration one can find in the Holy Land, there is so much to learn as well. Whether it’s your first time or you are a common visitor to the region, there is always something to take away from the experience. Let’s talk about what we learn when we go to the Holy Land.

Our Beliefs Have Grounding in the Real World

When studying the Bible, do you ever get the feeling that it’s principles or events are detached from the physical world? Do things appear more academic than you wish they would? Going to the Holy Land can serve as a wake up call for you. The people we read about in scripture? They existed. The lands traveled to and inhabited by the likes of Abraham, David, and Jesus? You can visit them today. When we go to Israel, we find a physical link to what we have always known to be true from the Bible. As you walk the streets of Jerusalem and even long after you have returned home, you will form a deeper connection with your faith.

The Holy Land is Still a Thriving World to This Day

Maybe you’ve never considered a trip to the Holy Land because you imagine it to be a dry, boring desert. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Israel is a thriving community today, with all kinds of culture, food and technology enhancing the experience. You won’t mistake the area for New York City any time soon (thankfully), but the surroundings are a far cry from what you have probably been picturing in your mind. The Holy Land is a diverse and developing region filled with music and the bustling of crowds, both tourist-related and the locals.

There Are Many Misunderstandings When It Comes to the Biblical Story

When we go to the Holy Land, we learn there are many misunderstandings picked up by the West. Among these are those having to do with the story of the Bible. While the Truth of the Bible is universal, cultural differences and blind spots can affect how we read certain details along the way. By visiting this part of the world, you can take the first steps toward a greater awareness of local customs, the history of the Jewish people, and so on. These new pieces of information can help us appreciate the Biblical text in a whole new light.

New Ways to Grow in Your Faith

As we have already made reference, one of the biggest takeaways from a Holy Land experience is how our faith can be revolutionized. Upon taking in all of the wonder this part of the world offers, we can walk away with a stronger foundation in our beliefs and a growing hunger for what the Bible speaks into our lives. For some visitors, seeing the Holy Land encourages them to pursue more knowledge concerning the geography, history, and culture of the region. Others simply have more assurance over what they have always been taught.

The World is Crying Out for Something to Believe in

When you visit Israel, you will see a number of different religious groups in the cities. Muslims, Jews, Christians, Armenians, and other sects all have a place in the Holy Land. Seeing them each find meaning in the holy sites reminds us of the different ways the world is trying to make sense of itself. We each crave to understand where we came from and what the meaning of life really is. In the Holy Land, everyone is searching for answers through the traditions and history of their people.

There is Cultural Meaning Westerners May Miss When Reading the Bible

Just as there can be misunderstandings when it comes to our interpretation of Biblical events, Westerners can also miss out on special subtext buried in the accounts of the Bible. From Jewish holidays to the relationship between Mary and Joseph, there are so many layers to unpack. By visiting the Holy Land, especially with a knowledgeable guide or informed theologian, you can learn more about these customs and traditions that will help you see the Bible in a new way.

Christianity is a Global Movement

Just as there are many religions found in the Holy Land, you can see Christians from all around the world when you come to Israel. At one point you may see believers from France or Spain, only to then come alongside Christians who traveled from Canada or South Korea. There are, of course, plenty of American tour groups to encounter as well. Perhaps in no better place on earth can you find such a collection of Christ followers. If your exposure to Christianity so far has simply been your local church in your small town, this is quite the eye-opening experience.

Israel Has Done an Incredible Job of Building Up Its Tourism Industry

On the practical side of things, we can’t help but be amazed at how much the local government and businesses have responded to the flourishing tourism business over the last couple of decades. Hotels, expert training for tour guides, and restaurants are just the beginning of what is being built in the Holy Land. No matter what your budget looks like or what kind of accommodations you prefer, the tourism industry in the Holy Land is looking to get you on board.

We wish we could talk all about the intricacies of a Holy Land education, but for much of what you can learn by going there, you just need to see it for yourself. At each holy site and beautiful landscape you will have your eyes opened to incredible knowledge about the Bible and the people of the area. The best part of it all is that you can join the adventure today. At Premier Israel, we want to help you embark on the journey of a lifetime as you see the Bible come to life on the streets of the Holy Land. To find out how you can sign up for one of our amazing pilgrimages, click on the banner below.


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