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What is the Best Age for Visiting the Holy Land?

Have you always wanted to visit the Middle East? Whether you’re looking to see the Pyramids of Giza or the Holy Land, there are many reasons to want to travel to the region. The Holy Land is a hot destination for religious travelers as well as everyday tourists. No matter what reason you have for wanting to see the area, you may be wondering what is the best age for visiting the Holy Land. Is it just a luxury for older, richer people? Would a teenager get much out of the journey? These are certainly questions to ask before hopping on a plane and flying thousands of miles. Answering the question of the best age for visiting the Holy Land is not an exact one, but we can help provide context to let you know the pros and cons of coming at different times. Let’s see which important factors play into the decision.

Navigating the Physical Terrain

Among the best reasons to visit the Holy Land is the vast amount of history and beautiful architecture surrounding the area. This is a land with ancient ties. Many buildings, roads, and historical sites are centuries older than anything you’ll find in the United States. You’ll want to remember this because upon arriving you’ll find that not every stop along the way is built with comfort in mind.

If you’re planning on seeing the Holy Land in the near future, we suggest you work on your leg strength, as the region is quite hilly and many of the Biblical sites visited away from the major cities include dozens if not hundreds of steps. Even Jerusalem itself can have a tough physical terrain to navigate. This doesn’t stop thousands (or more) of elderly visitors from taking part in tours each year, but it’s something to keep in mind when determining the best age for visiting the Holy Land. You may wish to choose a tour group where such physical demands are best addressed or else you might find yourself seeing the bare minimum of what the Holy Land has to offer, all from a seat on the bus. It may sound we’re telling older people not to book a trip to the Middle East, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. We just want you to know what to expect before arriving.

Having the Freedom to Travel

There’s an important, though often overlooked, requirement for booking one-of-a-kind international vacations like those offered in the Holy Land: you need to have the freedom to travel and to do so responsibly. During a time in history when it’s never been easier to hop on a plane and check out another part of the world, many young people want to engage in valuable life experiences and see places like the Middle East before they establish themselves in their careers or start a family.

As cool as it sounds to take a gap year and see the world, this isn’t a possibility for that many people. One of the best times to travel is in retirement because you have likely saved money well and there are little to no demands on your time. You don’t necessarily have to wait until you’re 65+ years old, however, as you can always save money and/or vacation days any time in the previous decades. If you’re trying to find the best age for visiting the Holy Land, we suggest you aim for whatever period in your life you have the most freedom to travel. Maybe that’s after retirement in your 70s, but it could also be right after your last kid heads for college or as a young adult without any family commitments.

Reaping the Benefits of Taking in Culture and Religious Aspect

In order to best enjoy a trip to the Holy Land, one needs to be able to appreciate the local culture as well as the religious significance of the area. Whether Catholic, Protestant, or Jewish, a large number of Israel’s annual guests are there to take in the holy sites and gain a new perspective on their beliefs. For this reason, children under the age of 18 are not always ideal tourists for the Holy Land. While not every kid is the same, it’s safe to assume the majority would prefer a week at Disney World over a series of stops at the Church of the Nativity, the Garden of Gethsemane, and the Western Wall. Not everyone comes to Israel for a religious pilgrimage, though, as many people are simply visiting friends and family. In this case, children would of course be welcome. If you’re planning on coming to the Holy Land with your children for religious sightseeing, you may wish to wait until they can have some level of understanding for the different holy sites.

Putting Forward the Proper Amount of Planning

The best age for visiting the Holy Land is somewhat dependent upon how much planning you put into your trip. A young person may better handle the hills, while an older tourist may have more free time and money set aside for such a vacation. But for most people, a journey to the Holy Land is more than doable so long as there has been a proper amount of planning conducted long before the date of arrival. Among the things for which you’ll want to plan are the tour company you’ll be traveling with and the amount of money you’ll need to set aside to comfortably afford the trip. You might also want to understand the culinary options you’ll be looking forward to once you’ve reached the Holy Land as well as investigate the best hotels to suit your needs. Young people often have the time and stamina for a journey through the Middle East, while older crowds likely have more personal wealth and may have a better appreciation for the historical sites. Researching can make several disadvantages for each group easier to navigate.

Finding the Best Age for Visiting the Holy Land

If you have the means to vacation in Israel (both time and money) and you feel your body is up to the task, then the best age for visiting the Holy Land might as well be today. Is your local church sponsoring a guided tour through the area? Do you happen to have friends or family living in Israel? Do you know where to get started booking a tour on your own? We’ve already established you have the means and desire to see the Holy Land, so the next step is to plan how you’ll be getting there.

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