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10 Ways to Save Up for a Holy Land Trip

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

Looking for the travel experience of a lifetime? For many tourists, one of the most exciting trips to book is a journey through the Holy Land. Seeing the land of the Bible with your very eyes is wonderful for a number of reasons, but one of the obstacles that could be standing in your way is how to pay for such a vacation. Between airfare, hotels, guides, and more, you’re looking at a price tag in the thousands of dollars per person. Don’t let that get you down, though, because there are a few ways to save up for a Holy Land trip that will take the sting out of your bank account. Here are some of our tips on how you can make this bucket list dream a reality.

Book Early and Ask Questions

“The early bird gets the worm” is not just good advice for planning out your day. It could save you hundreds of dollars on things like cruises, summer camps, and international vacations. For those who may be thinking about traveling to the Holy Land, it pays to get the ball rolling sooner rather than later. Depending on which company you’re traveling with, there may be certain incentives for people who book early. Plus, you should always ask questions early on about ways to save. For instance, it often benefits you to have a roommate in the Holy Land, as pricing is likely set for a double occupancy situation.

Shop Around for Different Holy Land Trip Options

Travel to the Middle East is not some monolithic structure. You can find all kinds of companies who offer differing packages for would-be tourists. Of course, we caution you to travel with more reputable groups, but even among these you can find some flexible prices. Unless you are wanting to travel with your church or another group with whom you don’t wish to part, feel free to shop around and see what’s right for you.

Play the Long Game to Save Up for a Holy Land Trip

Just as we suggested you think about booking early, it’s much easier on your finances when you play the long game by starting to save for your trip today. Maybe you want to use a five-gallon jug to collect loose change or withdraw $10 from each paycheck to set aside for a trip a year or two down the road. Whatever situation works best for you, it helps to plan in advance. Travel can be expensive, even if you never leave the borders of the United States. If you’re willing to put in the work months (or even years) in advance, however, those big dollar signs start to look a lot more friendly.

Find a Hobby or Service You Can Turn Into a Side Business

Some people don’t have a year or longer to save up for the trip of a lifetime. In that case, you can always look to add some income through a side business. In years past, we have told our teenagers to make some money through babysitting or mowing lawns. This same advice works for grown adults too. Do you have an artistic passion that can be turned into a money earner? Are you willing to get your hands dirty doing odd jobs around your hometown? You’d be surprised by the ways in which people can earn a little extra for their bank accounts these days.

Cut the Cord on Your Cable Subscription

One of the most popular ways families have begun to save money each month is by ditching their cable packages. The truth is, between basic network television and streaming options like Netflix and Hulu, it’s hard to justify paying over $200/month for 1000 channels we never watch. If your family can forego cable for one year, you might be able to pay for one person’s travel to the Holy Land right there. Before you go spending all those dollars saved in your head, though, be sure to research your cable company’s pricing and see if the move will be worth the effort.

Put in Extra Time at Work

Do you have a job where you can find a little overtime or a few more billable hours? This old fashioned way to increase your paycheck can help you create space to save up for a Holy Land trip. Of course, it’s possible to go a little overboard here, but we trust you know best how to manage your time between work, home life, and everything else on your plate. If you take this advice and give it the long game approach we mentioned earlier, you may not have to stay too late at the office after all.

Delayed Gratification

It may not be the suggestion you want to hear, but if you’re scrambling for ways to save up for a Holy Land trip at the last minute, you should consider holding off for a while. We would all like the availability to jet thousands of miles around the world on a moment’s notice. It may not make the most sense for you at this moment, though. If seeing the Holy Land for yourself means that much, then waiting a year or two shouldn’t be a big problem. Again, we’re not saying it isn’t doable, just consider the facts before trying anything too drastic.

It’s Time for a Garage Sale!

The tried and true tradition of hosting a garage sale has paid for a lot of vacations, medical needs, school tuitions, and more. More than likely, you have things around the house you haven’t touched in years and could fetch a decent price at a garage sale. Old furniture, outdoor equipment, kitchen supplies, and clothes can quickly turn a profit if you have any luck at all. You can even pair up with some friends and neighbors to put on a massive sale that no thrifty spender can resist. On top of helping you save up for a Holy Land trip, a garage sale can clear out the space in your house and leave you feeling accomplished.

Take it Easy Around the Holidays

When Christmas, Thanksgiving, and New Year’s Day roll around, we often want to go all out. Between festive food, gifts we’ve purchased for loved ones, and activities we wish to enjoy, celebrating the holiday season can really run up the bill on us. If you’re hoping to save up for a Holy Land trip, maybe you should scale things back in the upcoming holiday season. Without doing anything too drastic, we bet you can save a good deal of money by the time you start the new year.

Put Together a Budget That Will Get You Where You Want

The smartest thing you can do when trying to save up for a Holy Land trip is to create a budget. Even in your everyday life, this is a wise choice. Being able to see where your money is going each month helps you figure out what is dead weight in your life and where you could be saving money. If you are already planning on going to the Middle East, use a budget to free up some money for miscellaneous travel expenses. Maybe if you really have a knack for it, you could be able to afford a better plane ticket and end up flying in luxury. Budgets can be difficult, but you’ll see how useful they can be in the long run.

Do you feel better prepared for the financial side of going to the Holy Land? We hope these tips make your ultimate vacation that much more feasible. However you are able to finalize your traveling plans, we know you’ll have an unforgettable experience.

At Premier Israel, we want to connect you with the rich culture and immense history found in the Holy Land. Through programmed excursions with religious scholars and famous music groups, or as a customizable journey with a group you have put together yourself, let us help you see one of the most beautiful destinations on earth. Click below to find out more about Premier Israel and what we offer travelers who wish to see the Holy Land.


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