Mid-America Holy Land Experience Tour Leaders

From his experiences on previous trips to the Holy Land, Dr. Michael Spradlin thoughtfully selected locations to create a powerful, meaningful, once-in-a-lifetime experience. Dr. Jim Whitmire pulled from his own experiences in the Holy Land to craft brief but powerful worship experiences designed to cultivate a deeper connection to the Savior Who walked where you will walk. Seeing these locations first-hand will develop in you a deeper understanding of Jesus’ life and ministry.

Dr. Mike Spradlin

Years of focused study on the archeology of the Bible and the Hebrew language have uniquely equipped Dr. Spradlin to lead a Holy Land trip like none other. His extensive knowledge ensures that nuances of interest will not be missed. At each location, Dr. Spradlin will make connections between the historical facts and significant truths that will impact the believer’s spiritual journey. His gifted, engaging teaching style guarantees that your trip will be informative as well as entertaining. With an educational background focused on Old Testament studies, Dr. Spradlin will provide expert insights during this watershed experience—all the things you would never learn if you toured alone or with a secular guide. 

Dr. Jim Whitmire

America’s Music Minister, Jim Whitmire will bring a unique and moving perspective beyond the typical Holy Land tour. Through years of meticulous research preparing for dramatic performances reenacting Jesus’ life, Dr. Whitmire has become an expert in the world in which Jesus lived.  His engaging story-telling style will enthrall and educate you. Dr. Whitmire has personally selected worshipful music that will enrich your soul. More musically inclined participants, if willing, can join along with Dr. Whitmire in musical experiences that will bless and edify the soul.

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